Digital Product Passport (DPP)

Digital product passport (DPP) comprises “a set of data specific to a product that includes the information and that is accessible via electronic means through a data carrier”.  Digital product passports (DPP) aim to gather data on a product and its supply chain and share it across entire value chains so all sectors, including consumers, have a better understanding of the materials and products they use and their embodied environmental impact. This will extend the responsibilities and benefits most parties within the value chain, from importers and distributors and also from governments and other public or civil authorities to finally the consumers and end-users.

The implementation of digital product passports in these value chains is designed to support:

Consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions

Business to create value through circular business models

Verify compliance with legal obligations

Sustainable product production

A key component of facilitating digital product passports is having a full understanding of product life cycles, which is only possible through product information traceability at each step of the supply chain, and increased transparency of information flow across the value chain from raw materials to finished products to consumers.