Kezzler provides the technology you need to protect your brand, communicate directly with your consumers and trace your products


Serialization is a powerful tool whereby unique digital serial numbers are applied to a product. One single product item can be checked or activated instantaneously anytime, by anyone.

Mass serialized products, which actually means mass individualized products provide entirely new opportunities for consumer outreach, brand marketing, consumer loyalty programs, and data gathering. Some of the world's largest consumer brands partner with us to enable their consumers to determine if the products they are purchasing are genuine, participate in innovative loyalty programs, and learn the origins of their products.

Consumers able to validate their products prior to purchase

Kezzler's software suite is delivered in the cloud, allowing for a cost effective 24/7 solution, equally suited for small and large global corporations. All the data and the information generated by the software platform is owned by our customer.

All of Kezzler's solutions are constructed to be standards compliant. Integration and interoperability is made easy by fully implementing industry standards such as SOAP and RESTful web-services, making our services available from any externally operated platform. This also allows efficient utilization of already existing data and systems within the client company in a safe and non-intrusive manner.

"Look at the new law in Europe that requires all pharmaceutical products have a unique code. That will come to about 17 billion codes per year, and when you extend that out three or four years, you're looking at about 50 to 60 billion unique codes. Even the big SAP and Oracle systems aren't capable of running those kinds of numbers. The Kezzler solution seems to be the only one that will. It's because they don't store the actual code in the data base. They store the algorithm instead. It lets them handle billions and billions of unique identifiers with a response time of less than one second."

Global brands using Kezzler Codes