In the commercial and industrial sectors, lights and chillers / air-conditioning can use up to 80% of the electricity usage. In this aspect, energy saving / energy efficient devices are vital in order to reduce the usage thus reducing the cost. With the increase in electricity tariffs, companies and industries are looking at ways to curb these rising costs.

CGR has 3 energy saving devices that can be used to reduce the electricity usage, especially for lights and chillers / airconds.


Lite27 energy saver is designed for lighting and small power load in both commercial and industrial premises. Apart from its superior quality and competitive price, Lite27 is a maintenance free device therefore insuring undisrupted operation at the premises. Its electrical construction and design ensures NO operational setback which inadvertently speeds up the return of investment (ROI). This is a fully custom made device, tailor made to individual customers.

Lite 27 uses an impedance device in the form of highly efficient induction coils to supply optimum power to the lighting systems or equipment. These coils work using the principles of inverse magnetic technology to provide the impedance matching between the source and the load. Lite27 is a truly revolutionary system; it is designed to optimize the consumption of electricity. The quantum of savings that Lite27 can provide is between 20 to 40%.

This is a local product and has been in Malaysia for the last 17 years. With the current rise in energy usage and also electrical tariffs, this product will be able to provide substantial savings to the users.

• Motorola (M) Sdn.Bhd.
• Motorola Technology Sdn.Bhd. Penang
• Petronas Ammonia ,Kerteh, Terengganu
• AIA Building, Singapore
• British American Tobacco (M) Sdn.Bhd. Selangor
• Colgate Palmolive Sdn. Bhd. Selangor
• Perodua Engine Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. Rawang


Smartcool is a Canadian product that uses unique retrofit technology that saves energy on the compressors in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Working in conjunction with existing equipment and controls, Smartcool maintains pre-set temperatures without causing over-cycling and reducing compressor run time by up to 30%. It uses the Predictive Analysis Software Technology.

Smartcool is able to provide savings for electricity demand and consumption in excess of 15%, therefore giving the customers a rapid return of investment and reducing their carbon foot print.

Smartcool has two different products, depending on the size of the compressor.

Smartcool has only been in Malaysia for the last 2 years. The current users in Malaysia include:
1) Ayamas
3) CCM

However, there are various other companies who are undergoing test for this product at their premises. Worldwide however, Smartcool has been around for the last nine years and the customer lists are more extensive. They include:
• Sainsbury's, Tesco and Safeway in United Kingdom
• Telstra in Australia
• Radisson Hotel and Resort in Dubai
• JW Marriot Hotel and Verizon in USA
• GE Healthcare and Dell Data Centre in India
ESM ( Energy Saving Module) for compressors above 20 tons to 1200 tons
ECO 3 for compressors above 5 tons to 20 tons